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Student Download Zone

If you would like to apply for a Dyalog licence for educational use, please click here. Educational licences are intended for university and business school students.

Dyalog for Raspberry Pi

Free download of Dyalog APL
Version 13.2 for Raspberry Pi.

Private Download Zone

If you would like to apply for a Dyalog licence for private, non-commercial personal use please click here. The fee for the licence is £50 - we also accept payments in Euros and US$.

Unregistered download

If you really don’t want to complete a form giving us some of your details, then please use the unregistered version.  It is a full copy of our software; however, it will irritate you from time to time .. it shows a pop-up window at odd moments, including at the start and end of the session.   If you don’t want to be irritated in this fashion, then please apply for an educational or personal non-commercial licence.

Go to Pocket Dyalog

If you would like to apply for Pocket Dyalog for Windows Mobile licences please click here. Fees are £25 for Pocket Dyalog and £3 for Pocket Dyalog Runtime Engine – we also accept payments in Euros and US$.  For more information about Pocket Dyalog click here.

Document Download Zone

In the Document Download Zone you'll find different sections with downloadable documents including help, papers, manuals and public workspaces.

If you do register for an Educational or Non-commercial licence, then we will only use your details to send you the occasional email about Dyalog APL. We won’t hand the information on to anyone else, and if you don’t want to receive such emails, then drop an email and we’ll remove your email address from our lists (but please, if you send the email from a different account,  do make sure that you include the email address which you want us to remove!).

If you choose to start with the unregistered version, then you can always register later – you will have to uninstall the unregistered version and install a registered version afresh, but all your workspaces, scripts and files are compatible between the different licenced products.

Note that the unregistered licence as well as the registered educational and non-commercial licences are all for non-commercial purposes.