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Jul 1, 2014

Dyalog Ltd Announces Dyalog Version 14.0

Dyalog Ltd announces the latest version of its software development environment – Dyalog 14.0. One of the key benefits of Version 14.0 is that it will enable subject matter experts to have parallel computing at their fingertips. This release follows on the heels of Dyalog becoming available for the Raspberry Pi and a technology partnership with Syncfusion – the enterprise technology partner of choice for Microsoft Windows development – delivering a broad range of .NET components.

Dyalog allows for extreme agility and is delivering tangible business advantages in complex research and business applications, benefiting thousands of users around the world. CTO Morten Kromberg of Dyalog Ltd said, "What you can expect from Dyalog version 14.0 is faster development, faster execution, less storage consumption and network traffic and integration with a number of external tools. With the release of version 14.0 we continue to set new benchmarks, and users will get the most significant release of our software in recent times. Specifically, Dyalog version 14.0 will provide software developers with new core language features that will allow them to express calculations more easily, producing code that runs faster than ever before. Many of the new features allow the use of more functional forms of expression, paving the way for parallel execution and compilation. Outside of that, we have put huge focus on faster execution. This means that it will be straightforward to take advantage of all the processor cores available, using parallel versions of the each (¨), rank (), key () and outer product operators as well as isolates, which are namespaces that execute code in parallel to the main process. Several Beta testers have reported performance increases of between 10% and 30% on upgrading to version 14.0, and that is before taking advantage of any new language features. No matter where a developer's focus lies within the domain of developing systems in APL, Dyalog Ltd feel comfortable claiming that version 14.0 will contain at least one feature that will make a significant difference to their work!"

Dyalog version 14.0 also comes with:

  • state-of-the-art widget libraries for Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and HTML5/Javascript, developed by Syncfusion Inc, immediately available for use with applications written in APL.
  • support for direct data binding between APL arrays and Microsoft .NET components that support data binding (such as most Windows Presentation Foundation controls).
  • enhanced integration with external tools – this includes an interface to the R statistical package, bundled with Dyalog under Microsoft Windows and Linux, and a version of the  SQAPL ODBC interface, which supports unixODBC drivers, bundled with version 14.0 for Linux (SQAPL has been bundled with Windows versions of Dyalog for more than a decade).

Existing customers will automatically receive a free upgrade to version 14.0 through their DSS (Dyalog Support Service) subscription. Dyalog Ltd offer students a free version of Dyalog 14.0 for Microsoft Windows or Linux. New programmers are offered a personal non-commercial version for a nominal fee. The company is also the main facilitator of the initiative, which gives instant access to the Dyalog keyboard and an online tutorial.