Our Philosophy

In your dealings with us, it is our wish that you will experience our guiding principles first hand.

Users First

At Dyalog Ltd, we have a strong tradition of nurturing close relationships with our users so that we can give them a product that meets their needs. We promote communication between users through our online community as well as our annual Dyalog user meetings. We aim to develop a powerful but accessible environment that all of our users are happy with.


The best APL environment is a simple one: features need to be easy to use, and easy not to use. A focus on simplicity enables our users, technical as well as non-technical, to tackle highly complex and difficult tasks.

The creator of APL, Ken Iverson, created a simple yet powerful language. Our goal is to replicate this in the design of our APL extensions and interfaces.


The future of Dyalog depends on acknowledging newcomers as valuable assets and supporting them to the best of our ability. We promote the APL language to students through free online tutorials, free manuals, free software downloads and the annual APL student competition. Everybody, no matter what their background is, can learn and use APL.


At Dyalog Ltd we cultivate an employee culture where innovation, fun, pride and acceptance is part of our everyday life. We come from a variety of backgrounds, and we learn from each other's diversity. Through sparring, where everyone has a say, our team create innovation.

Fair and Transparent Pricing

At Dyalog Ltd we're interested in promoting APL to its full potential. We believe in not just selling a licence but a service where Dyalog Ltd helps its clients find the best solution through constant communication.

Our fair and flexible pricing model allow clients to choose the right level of service to meet their needs.