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My name is Morten Kromberg. I have had the pleasure of being the CTO of Dyalog Ltd from 2005 to 2015, and again from June 2019 after an intermission as CXO while Jay Foad focused on the CTO role. Before joining Dyalog, I spent about 15 years building up ideas for technical direction as a user of Dyalog APL – roughly 10 as a APL Consultant and 5 as the CTO of Adaytum Software, developing a “shrink-wrapped” product which used Dyalog APL as the core technology. Before that, I spent about 10 years learning, using and helping clients install and maintain SHARP APL at I.P.Sharp Associates.

More than 50 years have passed since Dr. Kenneth E. Iverson published the book titled “A programming language” in 1962. Dyalog APL celebrated its 30th anniversary in April 2013 (a booklet on the first 25 years of Dyalog APL was published by Vector in 2008). However, the APL language continues to evolve at a significant pace. Recent history has seen the addition of both object-oriented and functional features to Dyalog APL – including tools for parallel programming in APL. The near future will make APL available on many new platforms including tablets and phones – and provide easy access to parallel programming in APL.

The intention of this blog is to make it easier for users – old and new – to track and participate in our progress. Follow me on Twitter as @mkromberg.

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