Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to “Dyalog blog”!

There are so many new activities at Dyalog, and so many new people taking a look at Dyalog APL – many of whom do not have the opportunity to attend traditional “APL User Meetings” – that I am starting a “blog” in the hope that this will provide the required bandwidth. The intention is to post regularly about activities at Dyalog – in particular in the development team – as seen through the eyes of the current CTO.

Coming Up Next…

OK, I do understand that modern blogs are supposed to at least appear spontaneous, but old habits die hard: I have a list of topics that I am currently writing up and hope to publish in the near future. I am hoping to strike a reasonable balance between discussing topics of interest to established APL developers writing and maintaining production applications, and newcomers who only just heard about APL.

I look forward to your feedback on how to prioritise the proposed topics, add to or delete from the list – or any other comments that will help me make this blog more useful – either in the form of public comments on this site or, if you prefer, private e-mail.

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