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2022 Conference Edition

Here be dragons!

Workspaces created in this version are not compatible with any other release version of Dyalog APL.

This version is for demonstration and testing only; features in this conference edition may or may not appear in future versions of Dyalog APL - and if they do, they may be implemented differently.

We would love to hear your feedback - please send any comments you have. We are expecting to update this image from time to time, and will be adding images for other platforms in due course; for now only the 64 bit Windows image is available.

There is no documentation for this conference edition, but the dyalog_readme_120.22.htm file has some information. Installation is the same as with other versions: the setup_readme_120.22.htm file has more details.

You can watch John Daintree's presentations on; his presentation materials can be found on the Dyalog '22 webpage.