Dyalog Papers

A repository of papers authored by Team Dyalog.


U-Net CNN in APL: Exploring Zero-Framework, Zero-Library Machine Learning by Aaron Hsu and Rodrigo Girão Serrão, 07-06-23
(prepared for the ARRAY 2023 (co-located with PLDI 2023) conference in Orlando, published in Proceedings of the 9th ACM SIGPLAN International Workshop on Libraries, Languages and Compilers for Array Programming)

APL Since 1978 by Roger Hui and Morten Kromberg, 16-06-20
(prepared for the History Of Programming Languages (HOPL) conference in London (HOPL IV), published in Proceedings of the ACM on Programming Languages, June 2020)

Tolerant Comparison by Roger Hui, 21-10-14
ameliorating the ugly realities of finite-precision representation and arithmetic

Direct Functions in Dyalog APL by John Scholes, 20-12-13
an introduction to dfns (updated from the article that appeared in Vector volume 13 number 2)

How To Write Computer Programs by John Scholes, 20-12-13
a plea for a more declarative approach to programming (updated from a paper presented at Dyalog '04)

Arrays of Objects by Morten Kromberg, 21-10-07
(presented at the Dynamic Language Symposium at OOPSLA 2007 in Montreal)