Dyalog Papers

A repository of papers authored by Team Dyalog.


APL Since 1978 by Roger Hui and Morten Kromberg, 16-06-20
(prepared for the History Of Programming Languages (HOPL) conference in London (HOPL IV), published in Proceedings of the ACM on Programming Languages, June 2020)

Tolerant Comparison by Roger Hui, 21-10-14
ameliorating the ugly realities of finite-precision representation and arithmetic

Direct Functions in Dyalog APL by John Scholes, 20-12-13
an introduction to dfns (updated from the article that appeared in Vector volume 13 number 2)

How To Write Computer Programs by John Scholes, 20-12-13
a plea for a more declarative approach to programming (updated from a paper presented at Dyalog '04)

Arrays of Objects by Morten Kromberg, 21-10-07
(presented at the Dynamic Language Symposium at OOPSLA 2007 in Montreal)