Welcome Karta Kooner

Karta joined Dyalog in April, and is yet to meet anybody in person although he’s been told that this is not necessarily a bad thing! After completing his doctoral degree in theoretical physics, Karta stumbled upon Dyalog and APL entirely by happenstance. Being often captivated by things that look unfamiliar to him, and having an interest in most things, it was a code golf question that was answered in a strange, yet mathematical-looking language that took him to the profile of the poster, who happened to mention they were employed by Dyalog and currently hiring. He sent an email enquiring about the opportunity and, several remote interviews later, was happy to be hired as a C/C++ developer working on the interpreter.

Karta is one of the few members of the team that knew no APL whatsoever before joining and has been very impressed by Dyalog and APL thus far; he is very much looking forward to seeing how far the language can be taken, with an eye to further developing and potentially encouraging its use in academia and other technical fields of study.

In his spare time, Karta enjoys expanding his knowledge of both scientific and technical pursuits, and tinkering around with software and hardware systems, amongst his eclectic interests. When not found reading papers or learning an unfamiliar branch of mathematics, he will be caught thinking of a new engineering project to occupy his time, or stumbling through learning a new language, or maybe just delighting in the latest vixra paper.

2 thoughts on “Welcome Karta Kooner

  1. Welcome Karta. Welcome to the APL language.It’s both fun and challenging. You have joined a great team. Ray Polivka

    • Hello Ray. Thank you very much! I’ve been learning APL for a few months now and it is indeed quite challenging but very interesting and fun when you can see what can be done!

      I’ve been very impressed by everyone I’ve met at Dyalog, and am very much looking forward to meeting everyone else in the APL community once things start getting back to normal, whenever the fates conspire that to be…

      Thank you again for your welcome! Karta