Dyalog APL now available for the Raspberry Pi!

Although the news had not yet appeared on the Dyalog webpage when this was written, the CTO blog has access to exclusive sources and is therefore able to present this scoop: The big day has finally come – Dyalog APL version 13.2 is now available to anyone with a Raspberry Pi, and can be downloaded immediately from http://packages.dyalog.com! We will of course be making official announcements via various channels over the next few days, so keep an eye on our web page – but remember that you saw it here first!

In the above clip, you can see that the Dyalog C3Pi got a little over-excited: while celebrating (and testing) the new release with an autonomous drive on my kitchen floor (in the middle of dinner preparations), the robot got a bit too close to an obstacle and dragged the on/off switch along a pillow, switching itself off in the process! A single infra-red sensor doesn’t give much information for autonomous driving, but we have placed orders for a high-definition sonar, which should arrive next week. Stay tuned for further developments!

A Full Implementation of Dyalog APL

Note that, although the Pi version of Dyalog APL is free for educational and non-commercial use, is not technically restricted in any way – it has exactly the same features as any other 32-bit Linux-based (Unicode) version of Dyalog APL.

You are also welcome to take a look at the User Guide before installing the software – it also contains useful links to other resources that you can use to learn about Dyalog APL. If you would like to take a look at APL but do not (yet) have Raspberry Pi, educational and non-commercial licenses are also available for Linux/x86 and Windows – and you can also try APL online at http://tryapl.org (apologies in advance if you have a tablet, good support for tablets is coming soon to TryAPL).

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