The Blog is Back!

It is now 3 weeks since we shipped Dyalog version 14.0 and released the new Dyalog web site, so it’s probably time to stop celebrating and get back to work. The ‘bot batteries have been recharged and the ‘bots are learning to work as a team using v14.0 futures and isolates. That’s all I can say at this time as the ‘bots are rehearsing for a gig at the J Conference on Friday 25th July and I have been sworn to secrecy until after the show.

Bots 00 and 04 preparing for the J Conference and thinking about whether to attend the IPSA 50th renunion on October 4th

Bot 04 and Bot 00 hanging out in Rochester NY rehearsing for the J Conference and considering whether to return to Toronto with me for the IPSA 50th reunion on October 4th this year.

The next major step in the robot project is to make use of the tiny red board attached to Bot 00 (on the right) – an MPU-6050 accelerometer. At the Dyalog Seminar in New York last Thursday I finally had the pleasure of meeting @alexcweiner in person, and we vowed to crack this nut together; since @romillyc has promised to join in as well, failure is not an option. Stay tuned to hear more about that adventure in the weeks to come!

Welcome to The Development Team Blog

The really good news is that this blog is no longer simply “the CTO blog” but a blog that will be shared by the entire development team as well as invited guests. We look forward to sharing details of the things we are working on with you all…

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