Meet Team Dyalog

Meet the people who make it all happen – a few facts and a bit about each of us in our own words.



Managing Director (CEO)

Based in: Danish flag

Joined Dyalog: April 2005

Gitte discovered APL in 1983. After graduating as a research biologist, she was offered 6 months of training in EDP (Electronic Data Processing). When exposed to APL she immediately fell in love and never looked back. Since then she has worked as an APL consultant, headed development and sales of commercial software based on APL and finally in 2005 ended up where she started, at an APL language vendor – but this time as the CEO.

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Chief Technical Director (CTO)

Based in: Danish flag

Joined Dyalog: April 2005

Morten joined Dyalog after spending about 15 years building up ideas for technical direction as a user of Dyalog – 10 as an APL Consultant and 5 as the CTO of Adaytum Software, developing a "shrink-wrapped" product which used Dyalog as the core technology. Before that, he spent about 10 years learning, using and helping clients install and maintain SHARP APL at I.P.Sharp Associates.

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Based in: British flag

Joined Dyalog: May 2015

Adám prides himself on having got APL with the breast-milk, as he attended his first APL conference at the age of one. He is adamant in many of his convictions, including that APL is by far the world's most superior programming language, and the only one worthy of being used day-to-day. His work is mainly in the development and maintenance of APL tools.


Operations Manager (COO)

Based in: British flag

Joined Dyalog: July 1987

Andy has spent most of his working life in support, supporting APL but also UNIX systems and high-end hardware. He is less the theorist and more the pragmatist. He is responsible for Dyalog's internal systems as well being involved with the development and QA processes.


Based in: Danish flag

Joined Dyalog: April 2005

Bjørn has been making add-ons for APL since the start of the '90s, first at Insight Systems ApS, then at Adaytum Software and now at Dyalog Ltd. He concentrates on moving things that are hard to do in APL or that have poor execution speeds into C so that they are callable from APL. The best known examples of these are SQAPL and Conga.

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APL Tools Architect

Based in: American flag

Joined Dyalog: March 2011

Brian learned APL in 1975 when as a freshman in high school he discovered that the typewriter that knew how to play football was actually a computer terminal hooked up to the University of Rochester's APL timesharing system. Brian has developed APL applications across a variety of industries including financial planning, manufacturing control, legislative tracking, full text databases and risk assessment. Brian has twice been recognised by the ACM's SigAPL for innovative APL development. "I'm very blessed to be a part of the Dyalog team; building tools that make it easier for our customers to do their jobs."


Documentation Manager

Based in: British flag

Joined Dyalog: April 2013

Fiona joined Dyalog with twelve years of technical authoring experience but a programming background limited to Pascal and FORTRAN. She wishes she'd known about APL and Dyalog earlier in her academic life...


Based in: British flag

Joined Dyalog: January 1977

Geoff is a '60s radical who has yet to repent of his optimism. The attitude pervades his approach to his Christianity, his politics and his computing.


Finance Manager (CFO)

Based in: Danish flag

Joined Dyalog: April 2005

Helene has been managing the Dyalog Ltd accounts since 2005 and she takes great pride in making deadlines. If you experience any problems to do with the Dyalog financials she is always happy to help with a solution/guidance. Simply contact her and she will help you out!


I.T. Manager

Based in: British flag

Joined Dyalog: May 2007

Jason is one of the younger members of the team though he tries to disguise his youth with Linuxy facial hair. An "expert on everything" according to those in the know, he winces whenever anyone includes "www." in a URL.


Chief Architect

Based in: British flag

Joined Dyalog: September 1991

If memory serves, which it often doesn't, John joined Dyalog Ltd fresh faced and eager after a degree in "Computer aided Chemistry" from John has been responsible for much of the User Interface work with Dyalog, including the GUI session, COM and .NET interfaces. John sits in the corner in the Dyalog office and can frequently be heard shouting at his computer.

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Based in: American flag

Joined Dyalog: June 2019

Josh was exposed to Dyalog APL during an internship with The Carlisle Group. He continued with APL and was a grand prize winner in the 2016 APL problem solving competition. A recent graduate from The University of Scranton with a degree in Computer Science, he now primarily serves as an APL consultant to North American clients and works on APL tools.


Customer Account Manager

Based in: British flag

Joined Dyalog: May 1992

Karen has been involved with Dyalog and APL for over 20 years. With an alternative job title of Chief Cat Herder, her administration and organisational talents ensure that everything behind the scenes at Dyalog Ltd is running smoothly.


Based in: British flag

Joined Dyalog: February 2017

Marshall brings great confusion to Dyalog, since he used to work with J (programming language) and Jd (J database) and now works with Jay (Foad) and JD (John Daintree). He hopes the team will forgive him if he just makes Dyalog APL fast enough.

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Based in: German flag

Joined Dyalog: February 2017

Michael got in contact with APL in the last century through his first job as Production Planning Analyst supporting an APL application. The speed in which development implemented any changes made him curious about that strange language – and the rest is history. In his rare moments away from the computer, Michael likes to spend time with his family, enjoys travelling, music and boring computer-games as well as board-games. He also loves British humour (claims to sometimes even understand it!), English tea and Danish cookies. Sometimes he sleeps.


Based in: American flag

Joined Dyalog: April 2019

Before joining Dyalog, Nathan spent his time building desktop and web applications across numerous modern frameworks; after discovering APL it quickly became his passion and hobby. Nathan spends all of his free time building tools and programs, which he now considers himself privileged to continue doing at Dyalog. Nathan's personal goal and vision is to evangelise to the more traditional "programming" community while bringing his knowledge to bear on modernising APL and its tools.

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Based in: French flag

Joined Dyalog: August 2006

Originally attracted to APL by its simplicity, consistency and usability, as Nic joined Dyalog he started to realise that the true beauty of APL is the doors it opens to the human adventure. "Ask not what you can do for APL, ask what APL can do for you".


Based in: Greek flag

Joined Dyalog: September 1977

Pete had the amazing luck to be a member of the team, alongside John Scholes and Pauline Brand, that acquired what was then Dyadic Systems in 1990 and guided it through the formative years of Dyalog APL. His only truly wise business decision was to hand over the reins in 2005 and he now luxuriates in partial retirement on the Greek island of Alonissos. When not writing Dyalog documentation he struggles to learn to speak Greek and to play the bouzouki. He hopes one day to become semi-competent at both.

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Based in: British flag

Joined Dyalog: October 2018

Richard discovered APL shortly after discovering Dyalog headquarters on his own doorstep in Bramley. With a degree in physics and interest in computing, he was surprised to have not heard of it before. He hopes to introduce many more people to APL so that fewer future experts have to be deprived of APL's prowess in conveying problem solutions to computation engines. He's wondering when is an appropriate time to tell them about his own personal duck collection.


Development Manager

Based in: British flag

Joined Dyalog: June 2008

Richard joined Dyalog with a degree in computer science from City, University of London, and 20 years' experience of compiler development and language design. He develops and maintains the Dyalog interpreter and oversees its overall development.


Based in: Canadian flag

Joined Dyalog: January 2011

Roger has been an APL programmer since 1975 and an implementer of APL interpreters since 1989. His passion is writing beautiful and fast code.


Based in: British flag

Joined Dyalog: June 1996

Vince enjoys helping customers. He is mainly a C programmer, but loves having Dyalog on his desktop as it's a really useful tool to do a quick calculation or write a quick program in. His computer runs Windows, and he uses command-line shells as well as the GUI.