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Welcome to the Spring 2014 edition of DYALOGue

2014 will see one of the most significant releases of Dyalog APL in recent times. If you would like a sneak preview of Version 14.0 – while we're finalising the documentation for the release in June – some of the main features and functionality were presented at the Dyalog '13 conference and you can find the video presentations here.

I am also delighted to take this opportunity to tell you that the development team at Dyalog has been strengthened yet again. Nick Nickolov joined us full time on January 1st this year, moving from his native Bulgaria to the UK. You can read more about Nick and his background in programming in this newsletter.

As I write this, we're in the last phases of organising this year's APL Programming contest. As last year, the contest will be two phased. The competition will be kicked off very shortly and has deadline for submission 6th August. We will let you know when the site is live and ask for your co-operation in spreading the word.

One of the other major planning and organisational jobs this time of the year is to get everything streamlined for the annual user meeting. For Dyalog '14, we're meeting in Eastbourne located in the historic '1066 country' on the South Coast of England. If you haven't booked your diary already, the dates are September 21-25 (both inclusive).

I can warmly recommend you read the interview with Tomas Gustafsson - the Finnish APL developer behind the award winning Stormwind simulator which uses virtual reality for authentic Archipelago navigation. Put on your headphones, click on the YouTube link provided at the end of the article, go to full screen mode, and prepare yourself for an extraordinary experience.

There have been a number of Spring user meetings in the diary, and I am generally very happy to note that APL user meetings are on the rise. This year we have already attended four APL User Meetings in Europe:

  • SwedAPL Stockholm on April 3rd/4th
  • The FinnAPL Forest Seminar April 24th/25th
  • APL Germany in Stuttgart on May 9th/10th
  • The BAAPL Symposium in London April 14th

Enjoy your reading!

Gitte Christensen


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