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Third International APL Programming Contest!

First Prize: USD 2,500 and a round trip to the Dyalog '11 User Conference in Boston, October 2nd-5th, 2011

Second Prize: USD 1,200

Third Prize: USD 600

20 Consolation Prizes @ USD 100 Each

Plus, Introduction Awards equal to prizes for each person who introduces one or more winners

Total Cash Prizes: USD 12,600

Note: Grand Prizes can only be won by full time students!

You do not need a copy of Dyalog APL to participate. However, full time students can apply for a free download of an educational licence for Dyalog APL that can be used to participate in the competition, or simply to learn about the APL Programming language.


World Wide Computer Programming Contest 2011

Now in its third year, the Programming Contest for 2011 was kicked off on May 12. The purpose of the contest is specifically to encourage students and others to investigate APL.

A fully featured copy of the latest release of Dyalog APL is made available free of charge to students, whether or not they wish to participate in the contest. Contest participants can either use the Microsoft Windows or the Linux versions of Dyalog APL, or any other version of APL as long as it is converted to the Dyalog APL platform. Tools are provided on the contest website for interchange format conversion.

A total of US$12,600 in prize money has been provided by several sponsors, including US-based Fiserv, Italian-based APL Italiana, Danish-based SimCorp, Dyalog Ltd., as well as several anonymous individuals and companies.

The First Prize winner can look forward to US$2,500 plus a round trip travel from anywhere in the world where the winner lives to the Dyalog '11 Conference in Boston Massachusetts, USA, during October 2-5 2011, where they will receive the award in person and present the work that lead to winning the prize.

Second and third prizes will be awarded with US$1,200 and US$600 respectively and a further 20 contestants will receive US$100 each. Additionally, the people or organisations that introduce the winning students to the contest will receive the same dollar prizes – and they need not be students to make the introduction.

This year we're making more use of the social networking sites Facebook and Twitter to post information regarding the programming contest.

The deadline for submission is 12:00 UTC (Noon), Sunday, August 14, 2011. The winners of the three main prizes will be notified directly via e-mail and their names will be posted to on August 22nd, 2011.


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