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Welcome to DYALOGue

2009 started out as an interesting and exciting year for Dyalog and I am happy to report that the year continued as it started.

We had many highlights last year, not least the fact that we have grown the number of staff. Andy Shiers (re-)joined us in February and we're delighted to announce that Karen Shaw has also recently (re-)joined Dyalog. You'll find a profile on Karen here.

Dyalog '09 took place in Princeton New Jersey – and what a buzz we had at the Conference!! The fact that the venue had "run dry" due to slip-up during change of management companies made it all a bit more interesting than usual. But with the generous support of some of our customers, both individuals and companies, we overcame the problems. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who made it possible and I am sure that you feel, as I do, that the "Speak Easy Club" seemed to extend the networking to a whole new level. So thank you once again for your help and support.

Dyalog '10 will be held as an integrated part of the global 2010 APL conference in Berlin in Germany in September. We're already busy working on papers for our proposed presentations, but this shouldn't detract from the fact that we're keen to hear from you with regards to what you'd like to see and hear in the Dyalog user conference element.

The program committee has sent out a call for papers for the APL 2010 conference Dyalog '10 and we will be counting on you to submit papers and/or presentations to the conference like you have been doing to the Dyalog User Conferences. At Dyalog, we are excited at the prospect of once again having an all-encompassing APL Conference and we hope that you will all support this effort and take part in the conference with contributions and in person.

This is slightly old news now, but on our return from Dyalog '09 we put our combined resources into the preparation and launch of Version 12.1, which has been commercially available since November. Read all about it here. It will come as no surprise to you that we’re already beavering away to produce Version 13.0.

I am particularly happy to be able to announce the availability of Mastering Dyalog APL – A Complete Introduction to Dyalog APL by Bernard Legrand. Those of you who attended Dyalog '09 had the opportunity to "sneak preview" this very comprehensive tutorial. We have been working hard to find the most economical way for ordering and shipping the book, and we have therefore entered an agreement with Amazon. See more here.

In many respects 2009 was not an easy year and some of our customers (and our customers' customers) were affected by the recession. However, we have also noticed that when there is a pinch, the need for rapidly developing new ideas and applying creative thinking to changing business circumstances is greater than ever. Our customers generally say that because they are able to move quickly they have also been able to navigate safer through this challenging year.

Finally, may I take this opportunity to thank each of you for making 2009 a good year for Dyalog and extend the entire Dyalog team's warmest wishes for a happy and prosperous 2010.

Enjoy your reading!

Gitte Christensen


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