DYALOGue - Spring 2016

Welcome to the Spring Issue of DYALOGue

Time flies – In April 2015 it was 10 years since Morten and I joined Dyalog, with a goal of securing a future for Dyalog and APL. I believe we have done quite well.

Jay Foad appointed to CTO

Jay started as a Software Developer with Dyalog on 26 April 2010. When he joined the company he brought in-depth experience, having worked with software development for many years – and now he has been appointed CTO.

Oh to be a CXO!

As Jay Foad assumes the role as CTO of Dyalog, Morten Kromberg moves into the newly created role of CXO. You might think that the X in CXO is like the common mathematical notation for the unknown, indicating that Morten has not yet figured out what to do next – find out if he really HAS.

Good programming, good human communication

Many believe that programming is about proving their own skills by pounding out pages of code in a frenetic 'tick tick' of keystrokes and that the aim is to write super complex code with obscure optimisations that require astronomical intelligence to comprehend. Gianfranco proposes a different approach in this article.

Hacking with Dyalog APL

Brian Becker and Dan Baronet had the pleasure of being invited to Vassar College to participate in their Community Hackathon held on 5-6 February 2016. Read more about what the 'novice' hackers found out here.

DYNA16 is fast approaching

18-19 April 2016 at the Crown Plaza in Princeton, NJ, will once again see Dyalog APLers gather for a two-day convention with workshops.

Using Dyalog APL to study the geographical distribution of vegetation species in northern tropical Africa

At Dyalog we have seen a recurring spark of applications for educational licences from Africa. In this article we speak to Professor Michel Godron who has been using APL for 20 years for statistical processing of databases.

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