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Welcome to DYALOGue Summer 2015

Since our last eNewsletter went out in March we have had an extremely busy spring.

We hosted the inaugural North America User meeting – DYNA15 – in Princeton at the Crowne Plaza, April 20th-21st, and it was a pleasure to see so many of our North America users at the event. We feel that the format with one day of Dyalog presentations and one day with workshops worked really well.

We have been 'globetrotting' a bit this spring in order to conduct customer meetings, attend Microsoft Build 2015 in San Francisco and various APL events in Sweden, Finland, Germany and the UK. We have had the pleasure of giving presentation to non-Dyalog communities and I recommend you review the Dyalog on the Road article to keep track of what has happened.

We are getting closer to what we have internally termed the 're-launch' of APL. This re-launch is encouraging, not least by the fact that we get an increasing number of invitations to present and evangelise at non-APL conferences. It is truly enjoyable for us to see that young people are now finding APL exciting and interesting (again). So, as well as our core development and focus on performance, in the future we will also allocate increasing development resources to making it even easier to get started with using Dyalog APL.

A part of the re-launch is the annual programming contest, and the 6th annual Dyalog APL Programming Contest is now approaching the final deadline – 16th July. Read more about the contest, or give some of the problems a go, after reading our article.

The Dyalog '15 global user meeting will see us meet up in Sicily between September 6th-10th. We now have the logistics in place, and I am happy to note that we have a substantial number of delegates who have registered under the Early Bird offer. However, if you haven't registered yet, there is still time. With the number of presentation abstracts we have already received, Dyalog '15 is set to become a very interesting few days. Currently, we're busy with the jigsaw puzzle in order to complete the entire programme for the event. Read more here.

It is a real pleasure for us to follow the success our clients have with software solutions developed entirely, or just partly, in Dyalog APL. Lately, we have been extremely happy to note the success of new applications developed almost entirely in Dyalog APL, such as COSMOS and StormWind. In particular, I would like to applaud the fact that these new applications are award-winning both in terms of their innovative style and user friendly interfaces. As well as creating huge 'value add', these applications are all extremely intuitive for the users. At Dyalog, we believe that these award winning achievements can be attributed to the way APL gives direct access to easily try out and/or implement an idea. Just last week, Laser Learning (featured in our last eNewsletter) was shortlisted for the Education Business Award for Innovation in Health & Safety and topped the list of commended projects. You can read the case study PDF here.

I wish you all a lovely summer – it must be here soon – and look forward to seeing many of you on Sicily in September.

Enjoy your reading!

Gitte Christensen


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