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Student Grant for Participation in Dyalog '08

As you may be aware, Dyalog offers students and teachers the opportunity to apply for a free of charge Student licence via the website.

We are delighted to report that we see a constant increase in the number of applications – and licences granted – month on month.

As a student licence holder the licencee is under obligation to submit a report each year telling us to how he/she has used/are using the software, including experiences – good and bad.

We are particularly eager to learn about project work done using Dyalog and/or applications developed for a particular purpose.

In appreciation of the work that goes into creating and submitting a report Dyalog have decided to offer an incentive:

The author of the best project report will win a grant for one person to attend the Dyalog '08 User Conference in October in Elsinore in Denmark. Here the winner will get the opportunity to present your particular project to the rest of the delegates. We estimate a 20 minute presentation – and will set aside time for this in the conference programme.

The competition criteria

Reports should explain how Dyalog has been used in a research project or during a teaching course.

The criteria for evaluation are:

  • Degree of originality for implementing ideas and/or specific use of Dyalog which you implemented in an innovative way
  • Presentation of the problem you wanted to solve using Dyalog
  • Description of how you solved the problem

Competition rules

By submitting a report the Student Licence holder accept that Dyalog can publicise the report. We are willing to make small concessions if the report contains information regarding proprietary research not yet made public.

If a winner cannot attend the conference – the grant cannot be swapped into anything else.

If a winner cannot attend the conference Dyalog reserves the right to donate the grant to the runner up.

Dyalog may want to make other reports than the winning report public. Should this be the case we will revert to the submitting party and request permission in each individual case.

The deadline for submission is August 1, 2008

If you have not already submitted your report, you can email it to us – please include full contact details and your licence number.

The winner will be notified directly around September 1st, 2008.


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