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Spotlight on Dyalog

Meet our new team member – Richard Smith

We were extremely pleased to meet Richard in May and even more delighted that we managed to persuade him to join the company on June 2nd, 2008.

Richard graduated from The City University, London in 1989 with a BSc in Computer Science and it was here that he established his interest in programming language implementation. His final year project – a BBC Basic interpreter – was awarded the prize for best computer-based project. Since then, Richard has specialised in compiler and toolchain development – implementing systems that support business applications written in COBOL to mobile gaming in C.

Richard began his career at Micro Focus in Newbury where he was lead developer of their COBOL compiler. He then moved to Tao Group in Reading where he ported the GNU C/C++ compiler gcc to target the virtual processor in the intent operating system and also led the development of the debugger. Most recently he was a senior developer with Antix Labs in Reading where he designed and implemented the C/C++ compiler used with their gaming environment for phones and consoles. He says he is excited to be furthering his passion for language implementation at Dyalog, working for and with the APL community!

Personally, Richard is married to Sue and is the devoted father of Victoria and Nathaniel. He enjoys cycling – but admits that Morten has the advantage on him (for the moment).

We are happy to report that Richard has landed firmly on his feet in Dyalog and he is already running fast enough to do a lot of excellent – and independent! – work on Journaling Component Files.

Want to connect with Richard? Then, see his LinkedIn profile.

New Board Member with Extensive Software Development Experience

It gives us great pleasure to introduce Michael Holmberg Andersen, who joined the Board of Directors in April 2008.

Michael started his career as a teacher in Computer Science at the Technical University of Denmark, from which he stepped straight into software development and project management.

In 1991 Michael joined SimCorp, initially as a software developer and project manager, and during the first years in SimCorp Michael worked – among other things – with Artificial Intelligence.

Michael's impressive career further includes the position as Managing Director of SimCorp Sweden A/S in the years 1999-2004 – covering the markets in Sweden and Finland.

In 2004 Michael was appointed Senior Vice President in SimCorp A/S specifically with the responsibility for Market Support, including areas such as Strategic Research and Partner Development.

Since 2008 Michael has occupied the position as Senior Vice President for the IMS Development Department where he is responsible for SimCorp's software development activities.

Personally, Michael is married to Charlotte and a devoted father of Caroline and Frederik. He is a keen runner, and has completed several marathons including Copenhagen and Stockholm Marathons. Michael also enjoys biking and has completed "Sjaelland Rundt" and "Vattern Rundt" on many occasions. It gives us great pleasure to welcome Michael to the Board where we are looking forward to taking advantage of his extensive experience to further grow Dyalog Ltd. in the years to come.

Changes to the website

A website is always "work in progress" and we make a point of updating the site all the time. We recommend that you check back regularly to see "What's New".

In this issue of DYALOGue we're also announcing the opening of the Registration System for Dyalog '08 in Elsinore – please see more here.

You may have noticed that Third Party Products under "Partners" has disappeared. This is a consequence of Dyalog's acquisition of the portfolio of Causeway tools.

Instead we have created a new section under Products called "Tools" where you will find information on not only Causeway Pro, NewLeaf and Rain Pro, but as time goes by we intend to post more information on useful tools such a SALT with examples in the Tools section.

By popular request we have now amended the pricing structure under Products with a new drop down in the left hand menu. This should hopefully should make it easier for users to find the right pricing when browsing for Dyalog licenses.

As always, we welcome your input. Please let us know if you have suggestions for additional information you would find helpful, and be sure to let us know if you spot a missing link.


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