DYALOGue - Summer 2017

Welcome to the Summer Issue of DYALOGue

The last year has been an interesting and extremely busy one for Dyalog. The next release of Dyalog (version 16.0) is imminent, the team has continued to grow and APL is being welcomed at a growing number of events. This newsletter brings you up-to-date with some of the highlights of a whirlwind 12 months.

Dyalog Version 16.0

In addition to improved performance, import/export tools, new communication tools and cross-platform features, Dyalog APL version 16.0 includes very significant new core language features to make it easier to implement high performance, functional, elegant array-oriented solutions.

Dyalog '17

The annual Dyalog user meeting is approaching and registration is now open. Dyalog '17 will be in Elsinore, Denmark, 10-14 September and we're looking forward to seeing you there – register before the end of July to qualify for the 10% Early Bird Discount.

Dyalog on the Road

The number of opportunities to talk to people about APL in general and Dyalog in particular continues to rise and we're doing our best to continue to spread the word. Find out where we've been spreading the word since Dyalog '16 and do let us know if there's an event that you'd like us to attend.

Dyalog on the Web

Dyalog is keen to continue to expand the community of Dyalog programmers and attract new audiences to the power of APL. This includes taking advantage of opportunities to present Dyalog and APL over the internet to reach audiences that might not find more "conventional" means convenient or appealing.

The 9th annual APL Problem Solving Competition has been launched

The 9th annual APL problem solving competition is in full flow and there is still time to register. Although primarily aimed at students, there's also a rather tempting prize for the winning non-student entry…the deadline is less than a month away so get coding!

The Vassar CommunityHack 2017

At the end of March, Brian Becker and Michael Baas travelled to Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York, USA, to participate in the 2017 Vassar CommunityHack, a 2-day hackathon at which local high school and college students meet to celebrate a passion for coding.

Geoff Streeter – Celebrating 40 Years with Dyalog

Earlier this year Geoff Streeter marked his 40th anniversary of being part of Team Dyalog. John Scholes' personal account of this time reflects on his (mere) 35 years of working alongside Geoff.

2016 Iverson Award Recognises Dyalog's CEO and CXO

The Iverson Award is bestowed on people who have had a profound and positive impact on the development of APL and its community. During the 50 Years of APL celebration banquet at Dyalog '16, Dyalog's CEO and CXO received this honour in the presence of four previous recipients.

Meet Michael Baas

Michael Baas has joined Team Dyalog. Michael takes on a combined role in which he will work for the APL tools group part-time (a role for which his 20 years of Dyalog experience as a user will be invaluable) while also representing Dyalog more directly in the German market.

Meet Marshall Lochbaum

The newest member of Team Dyalog is Marshall Lochbaum, who has joined the interpreter development team. Despite his youth he brings significant experience to Dyalog, having previously worked on enhancing and optimising the J interpreter.

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