DYALOGue - Summer 2010

Welcome to DYALOGue

Summer has finally arrived – in more than just name. Sunshine and temperatures above 20 degrees invariably brings out cravings for black hamburgers and burnt sausages, so we have inaugurated the Dyalog office BBQ.

Dyalog is Growing

We have come to love our peaceful surroundings in Bramley. Although we have been a bit squeezed together over the past year or so, we have put up with it for the sake of keeping our lovely environment.

Register before July 1st, 2010 !!

Before you read any further, hurry up and take advantage of the Early Bird Discount and save €100 on the conference fee. Register now!

Dyalog '10-APL2010

This year, Dyalog is holding its annual User Conference as part of the global APL2010 conference organised by APL-Club Germany. This provides us with an opportunity to meet with users of other APL systems, and other "array languages" like J and K.

May We Introduce Jay Foad

Jay started as Software Developer with Dyalog on April 26th, 2010 and we're delighted to welcome him as a member of the Dyalog Team.

Introducing Version 13

Although general availability of version 13.0 is planned for early 2011, we do have a pretty good idea of the features that will be in the new release – and have in fact completed most of the implementation.

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