DYALOGue - Spring 2013

Welcome to the Spring 2013 edition of DYALOGue

This Spring, I am incredibly optimistic and positive about the roadmap and the strategic direction for the company.

The 5th Annual APL Problem Solving Contest is Now Open

This year the contest consist of 2 phases, both being organised by Studentcompetitions.com.

Meet Fiona Grace Smith

Dyalog is pleased to welcome Fiona – better known as Fi – as our new Documentation Manager.

The Array Editor – A new tool from davidliebtag.com

Dyalog 13.2 includes The Array Editor from davidliebtag.com. It supports editing arbitrary APL arrays including character, numeric, and nested arrays.

Seminar and workshops in USA

In April this year, Dyalog had the pleasure of hosting two Seminars and Tuning Workshops in Vienna, Virginia and Jersey City, New Jersey.

Raspberry Pi – Experimenting with a Robot for Practical Applications

I went for a plate and a fork – I LOVE Raspberries! But, what was served up was not a lovely piece of pie with lots of cream and raspberries, but a small electronics board. Read Vibeke's take on this amazing new gadget.

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