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Frequently Asked Questions

We have started building a web page containing answers to frequently asked questions. This page answers questions ranging from how to download evaluation systems to how to install ASP.NET applications on machines where Dyalog is not already installed. As an example of the kind of information you will find here, here is a copy of the section on compatibility with Windows Vista, which has recently been updated.


Vista Compatibility

Dyalog APL Version 11.0.2 is compatible with Windows Vista. There are a handful of known issues with running Dyalog under Windows Vista:



If you are running User Access Control, your user will need to be a Power User or Administrator in order to install Dyalog (see here for details).


APL Font

Windows Vista fails to display some of the APL symbols if you use the standard fonts shipped with Dyalog. The font Dyalog Symbol can be used instead. This font looks best with ClearType enabled. We are looking at improving the display of the font at small sizes.


Help Files

Windows Vista does not support the 32-bit .HLP file format used for Dyalog on-line help files. Patched version 11.0 systems dated March 20th 2007 or later will use help files in Compiled HTML format (.CHM), if these are present in the Help folder under the main Dyalog program folder (the same location as the .HLP files).

Note that – because they can contain or link to executable content – CHM files are viewed as a security risk – especially after recent patches to Vista. Accessing them from remote locations, or even after downloading them, can be difficult. We know of two Microsoft Knowledgebase issues which discuss problems:



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