DYALOGue - Summer 2007

Welcome To DYALOGue

2006 and 2007 has seen a flurry of activities for Dyalog. In the midst of all this, we realised that it's been a while since we last did a newsletter. There's lots to talk about and we invite you to spend a few minutes browsing inside.

Online, On-Demand Printing of Manuals

When we released Version 11, we announced that all future Dyalog manuals would be provided as soft copies on CD. However, we appreciate that not everyone finds it easy to live without printed manuals.

Dyalog '07 – a taste of the USA

After having held the Annual Dyalog User Group Conference in Europe for the past few years, we feel that we should take the event to the USA this year. We're in the midst of planning right now so read on for more info

Jason Rivers – latest addition to Dyalog Team

Jason joined the Dyalog team on the first day of May to fill the position of IT Manager. His primary responsibility will be to manage the rapidly growing collection of machines which Dyalog uses for development and QA.

Causeway joins the Dyalog family

We are extremely pleased to announce that Dyalog completed the acquisition of Causeway Graphical Systems on April 1, 2007 – a company famous for Quality Tools for APL developers and Website Engineers Worldwide.

Country Life on the agenda for Dyalog

We have always believed that a development department ought to have sea view – as it enhances the creativity to have something nice to look at. However, when you are looking for new premises in Hampshire, UK, that is more difficult to achieve.

Adding a pinch of SALT

Version 11.0 introduces classes to APL. Classes typically contain several functions, and one of the things that is different about classes is that the entire source for the class can be extracted as a single "script", using the new system function ⎕SRC.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have started building a web page containing answers to frequently asked questions, such as how to download evaluation systems or how to install ASP.NET applications on machines where Dyalog is not already installed.

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