DYALOGue - Summer 2014

Welcome to the DYALOGue eNews Summer 2014 edition

Welcome to DYALOGue Summer 2014 edition. We have an amazing spring in Dyalog Ltd. as we have managed to meet a number of significant milestones.

Dyalog Ltd announces Dyalog Version 14.0

Version 14.0 – the most significant update to Dyalog in recent times – is now commercially available. One of the KEY benefits of Version 14.0 is that it will enable subject matter experts to – literally – have parallel computing at their fingertips.

The COUNTDOWN to Dyalog '14 has begun!

Early Bird Registration discount expires on 21st July 2014 23:59 UTC so hurry up and register now and get your 10% discount!

The 6th Annual APL Software Programming Contest is in full flow

The 6th Annual APL Software Programming Contest for Students is in full flow and there is still time to register. If you’re not a student, we’re also running the contest for non-students, with a very attractive prize for the top winner.

It's here – Dyalog's new website has gone live!

Dyalog's new website has gone live – so if it's more than 3 weeks since you last visited www.dyalog.com there is a 'room' structure to visit.

Cashflow Optimizer App for Individuals & Businesses

Cashflow Optimizer App for Individuals & Businesses. Riskflow, based in South Africa, has been involved in financial literacy training for a number of years. Their new app is intended to make it simple, easy to use, sexy and readily available to people.

A Herculean Task – Volvo Cars

Migrating an APL2 Mainframe application to Dyalog APL Window Server – that's the task the Aplensia team in Sweden embarked on for Volvo Cars.

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