DYALOGue - Spring 2011

Welcome to DYALOGue

Considering we didn't have a new release of Dyalog APL out in 2010, which usually takes up a bit of time, the year never the less just seemed to skip by. We have been very busy indeed. As 2011 is now moving close to spring I am delighted to give you a round-up of all the news and initiatives Dyalog is currently involved with.

Version 13.0 Highlights

Version 13.0 of Dyalog APL started Beta test in January 2011 and are expecting to release the new version on Friday, April 1st. As usual, it will be available in 32- and 64-bit versions under Microsoft Windows, AIX and Linux (and for Solaris "on demand").

Meet Roger Hui

We are proud to announce that as of January 1st this year, Roger Hui has been working almost full time (4 days a week) for Dyalog. We are convinced that everyone is already aware of Roger's talents as a developer and language designer.

Dyalog '11 – Book your diary dates NOW!

Dyalog '11 will take place October 2–5 2011 (both days inclusive) in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. We have found a really interesting venue for this year's conference, the John Hancock Hotel & Conference Center.

APL# ("APL Sharp")

On April 4th we will demonstrate a (very) early prototype of APL# at the Scandinavian Developer Conference in Gothenburg. APL# is a completely new APL Interpreter, which will be a native – or "managed" – Microsoft.NET application.

Taking APL for a RIDE

The Remote Integrated Development Environment (RIDE) is the name of a new front end for Dyalog APL and for APL#. The RIDE can be used to debug any APL system from Dyalog – no matter where the APL system itself is running (Windows, Linux or UNIX).

Meet Liam Flanagan

Liam joined Dyalog in September 2010 and immediately went to the APL 2010 conference in Berlin, where he got a really good impression for the APL community, the buzz around APL and all the exciting new initiatives.

Kristoffer Kromberg – a chip off the old block

Kristoffer Kromberg started a 3-month trial period at Dyalog in December. Since then he has been on a vigorous training tour to Montreal and Rochester NY, spending time with Dan Baronet and Brian Becker.

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