DYALOGue - Spring 2009

Welcome to DYALOGue – Spring 2009

A new year has started and it already looks to be an interesting and exciting year for Dyalog. Although we can see that some of our customers (or our customers' customers) are affected by the so-called "credit crunch", 2009 looks like it will be another year of significant growth for Dyalog.

Dyalog in 2008 – a recap of major events

2008 was an eventful year for Dyalog. Celebrating the 25th anniversary of Dyalog APL, the launch of a new version as well as the Annual User Conference this year held in Elsinore in Denmark, were just some of the highlights.

Announcing Dyalog Version 12.1

Version 12.1 will be released in the 2nd half of 2009. We have not quite finished development of this version, but are now able to summarize the most important features of the new version.

A Constant and Consistent Focus on Customer Support and Quality Assurance

We are pleased to announce that we have created a new position of Customer Support and Quality Assurance Manager.

Serving Lunch with Dyalog

From pupils to pensioners, through company lunches to birthday parties at the swimming pool – they all get their lunch on time thanks to the Dyalog software development language.

Dyalog & Zark combine to offer Web-based APL Tutor

Dyalog is pleased to announce that it will be working with Zark to build a web-based APL Tutor. Zark, through the Zark APL Tutor and the Zark APL Newsletter, has taught countless APL developers good programming techniques.

Pre announcement – Dyalog '09

This year we will return to The Wyndham Princeton Forrestal Hotel and Conference Center in Princeton, New Jersey – just outside New York, the venue which hosted the very successful Dyalog '07 conference.

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