DYALOGue - Spring 2008

Welcome to 2008 and to DYALOGue

We have come a long way since the consortium took over the company in 2005 and over the festive season I have finally had time to relax and reflect over the success Dyalog has enjoyed over a very busy couple of years.

Dyalog V12 !!

From February 29th, 2008, Dyalog Version 12.0.1 for Windows/32 is commercially available, bringing with it a host of new features that will benefit both our friends in the APL programmers community and end-users alike.

Grid Computing with Dyalog

One of the most intriguing presentations at Dyalog '07 was given by Risto Saikko, CEO of Techila Technologies, describing how computational tasks could be run in minutes instead of hours in a virtual supercomputer. We're pleased to reproduce it here.

Announcing Dyalog '08

Many of you will be pleased to learn that we will be returning to LO-Skolen in Helsinore, Denmark, for this years User Group Conference. For those of you who have not visited LO-Skolen before, we can give you a taster here.

Application Development Services Partners

Dyalog is a unique tool for domain experts who want to apply their knowledge to the solution of complex problems. Professionals from a variety of fields can contribute to application development and give our customers a cutting edge within their industry.

Dyalog '07 – a lingering taste of the USA

Dyalog '07 took place at the end of last September at Wyndham Princeton Forrestal Hotel and Conference Center in New Jersey USA. In this brief article, Vibeke Ulmann takes a last, long, lingering look at a very successful event.

Educational Licence Survey

As you may be aware, Dyalog offers students and lecturers at Universities and other educational institutions the possibility to acquire an educational licence free of charge. We asked all licence holders from the last 12 months for their thoughts.

Jungle Rhythms on the Web

Like the jungle drum after which it is named, Dyalog's Conga is a tool for remote communications. However, unlike the drum's use of sound waves, the modern version of Conga allows you to communicate across the globe using TCP Sockets.

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