DYALOGue - Summer 2016

Welcome to the summer edition of DYALOGue

As I write this article, summer seems to be on hold – the UK has decided to BREXIT from the EU, the Prime Minister has been replaced and there is a bit of uncertainty (to say the very least) about the economic future in the UK. I am therefore very happy to be able to present lots of good news from Dyalog in this issue.

Version 15.0 is out!

It gives us great pleasure to announce that Version 15.0 is now commercially available on all platforms. We have also taken the opportunity to make it easier for students and non-commercial programmers to get a free Dyalog Licence. This article takes you through the highlights.

Dyalog '16 – Register now to join us in Glasgow

Yes, we are beginning to warm up the most important event in our world – the annual user meeting. Glasgow is booked and waiting, and we're also going to celebrate the 50th anniversary of APL – do not miss out!! The registration system is open and early bird – 10% discount – expires 31st. July. But why wait – read about the venue and check out the workshops and then register today.

News from the Tools Group

MiServer – soon to come out in Version 3.0 – is Dyalog's APL-based web server that enables Dyalog APL users to host their applications cross-platform on the Internet. Work on Version 3.0 has taken up much time in the Tools group since our last report, but we have also had time to work with a few other things.

End-of-Life of MicroAPL's APLX Product

Unfortunately, our colleagues at MicroAPL have decided to withdraw from the APL market. Dyalog is honoured to have been asked to help reduce the impact of this decision. We have entered into an agreement with MicroAPL and in this article you can read all about our support for APLX customers.

Dyalog around the World – a whirlwind spring

Phew – the number of stops on the international APL circuit just keeps growing! In this article we cover a whirlwind spring of user meetings and other events that Dyalog have attended/presented at these past few months.

May we introduce Adám Brudzewsky – the newest member of the Dyalog Tools Group

Adám grew up in multiple countries and speaks multiple languages, and he has a slightly unusual background for coming into the APL world. He's the newest addition to the Tools group; read his profile and find out why he is so enthused about Dyalog and APL.

50 Years of APL

2016 is a BIG year for APL, as we're going to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this tremendously strong, agile and productive Tool of Thought. To commemorate this significant milestone we have been assembling materials relating to the first 50 years on a webpage for you to enjoy and we're going to be dedicating part of Dyalog '16 to the celebration of APL's golden anniversary, with presentations covering 50 years of APL.

The 8th annual APL Problem Solving Competition has been launched

For the 8th year running, Dyalog Ltd is delighted to announce that this year's programming contest is now open. We encourage students at all levels to sign up for the challenge, and if you know a student, make them aware.

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