APL Puns

In the Beginning


and were punnish when the notation was introduced in 1962. They have long since gone mainstream, used even by respectable mathematicians and computer scientists.

To see why is a pun, see the Vector article My Favourite APL Symbol.

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The following are a joint effort by the Dyalog team, many derived after a sumptuous dinner and a few glasses of wine. Column 0 are valid APL expressions. For an enhanced experience may we suggest covering column 1 as you read column 0 for the first time.

In Modern Times

⊃⎕A~'L' the first no el
⍴⍴⍴'your boat' rho rho rho your boat
*⍣¯1⊢fly+fly log of the flies
{⍺←23 ⋄ (2÷(○1)*0.5)×-/⍵×(⍵*2×⍳⍺)÷
erf ghanistan
↑^≡ mix and match
>/+/∘⎕UCS¨'the parts' 'the whole' the sum of the parts is greater than the whole
?⍨2e9 a big deal
○1 APL π
2(⌷⍤1)2 3 4⍴○1 a slice of APL π
0 0⍉3 4⍴○1 another slice of APL π
easy←○1 easy as π
{4×-/÷1+2×⍳⍵}1e6 a π long in the making
pike; see APL Quotations and Anecdotes
Concorde taking (and showing) off
{⍵⌷⍨⊂?⍨≢⍵} degrade
bb∨~bb two b or not two b
bb≥bb two b or not two b
×× sign of the times
a←2÷⍨3 4⍴⍳12 ⋄ *○0j1×a show off
a←2÷⍨3 4⍴⍳12 ⋄ *○0j1×a+2e9 shameless show off
⍎turtles←'⍎turtles' it’s turtles all the way down…

In Honour of a Certain Movie Series

0⍴'menace' I. The Empty Menace
⊢⎕ns¨ 2⍴⎕this II. Tack of the Clones
⌽'htxiS'~'x' III. Reverse of the Sith
⎕io←~⎕io IV. A New Beginning
{'Jedi'⊢1e3×○R} V. The M π R Strikes from the Back
{'Jedi'} VI. Return Jedi
(+⌿÷≢)3 4 5⊣⎕dl 10 VII. The Fork Awakens
may←+⌿÷≢ ⋄ may∘∪ may the fork be with you
0 1 2 3 (⌊/⍬) 5 6 the fourth is strong with this one
4 4 4 4 (⌊/⍬) 4 4 I feel a great disturbance in the fours
1=?2e9 this is not the number you are looking for
1=?2e9 in my experience, there’s no such thing as luck
Luke.## I AM your father
4 ⊃ 0 1 2 3 'dark side' vier ist the path to the dark side
x{0.5×⍵+⍺÷⍵}⍣≡darkside do not underestimate the power of the dark side
⎕ct←1 I find your lack of faith disturbing
0.2 ∊ ÷3 1 4 1 9 2 6 3 8 9 7 9 I find your lack of a-fifth disturbing
{0::⍺⍺~⍵ ⋄ ⍺⍺ ⍵} do, or do not; there is no :Try
>⍝ Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope
⊂○⊃ Princess Leia
<○> Yoda
○>--- Death Star
>∘< X-wing fighter
⊢○⊣ tie fighter
○⍨ tie fighter in stealth
⊢○⊣ 1 π fighter
⊣⍲⍲ ATAT
imperial cruiser
⍋⍒ imperial cruisers colliding
│⊢ │⍒ │⍒⍒│⍋⌽│⌽ │⍋ │⍋⍒│⍒⌽│
│⍒ │⍒⍒│⍋⌽│⊢ │⍒⌽│⌽ │⍋ │⍋⍒│
│⍒⍒│⍋⌽│⊢ │⍒ │⍋⍒│⍒⌽│⌽ │⍋ │
│⍋⌽│⊢ │⍒ │⍒⍒│⍋ │⍋⍒│⍒⌽│⌽ │
│⌽ │⍋ │⍋⍒│⍒⌽│⊢ │⍒ │⍒⍒│⍋⌽│
│⍋ │⍋⍒│⍒⌽│⌽ │⍋⌽│⊢ │⍒ │⍒⍒│
│⍋⍒│⍒⌽│⌽ │⍋ │⍒⍒│⍋⌽│⊢ │⍒ │
│⍒⌽│⌽ │⍋ │⍋⍒│⍒ │⍒⍒│⍋⌽│⊢ │




climatic space battle

FinnAPL Meeting in Helsinki, November 26th 2015

Hyvää päivää (good day)

On the last Thursday of November, I had the privilege to meet with with some members of the Finnish APL community in at the Vatt Institute for Economic Research in downtown Helsinki.

Presenting new Dyalog APL features at FinnAPL

Presenting new Dyalog APL features at FinnAPL

The morning was spent engaged in lively conversation about user interfaces and Dyalog APL. In particular we talked about MiServer – Dyalog’s framework for cross-platform user interface development – and the RIDE (Remote Interactive Development Environment). MiServer can run on any platform where Dyalog APL runs. As such, I was able to demonstrate several examples of web sites running under MiServer on a Raspberry Pi. With RIDE, one can access a Dyalog APL development environment via a TCP/IP connection – the development environment can be on the same machine as RIDE or on another machine, as long as it is listening for a RIDE connection. While Dyalog APL for Windows has always had windowed interactive development and debugging capabilities, RIDE brings a comparable level of capability to environments which were previously limited to only TTY-based terminal interaction.

About a dozen more FinnAPL members joined us for the afternoon session where I spoke about some of the recent features of Dyalog. We discussed Function Trains, the Rank operator, the Key operator and user commands. We looked at both recently introduced and some of the long-established user commands. I demonstrated how to create a new user command (command AIKA=TIME in Finnish!) and how to debug it before letting the group conclude their meeting.

The day ended with nearly all of us going out for dinner and a few drinks in Helsinki, which looked wonderful with all its Christmas decorations. It’s always a pleasure to be able to sit down, share time and exchange ideas with fellow APLers.

All in all, a good day!