Employee Spotlight: Peter

This week marks the first anniversary of Peter joining Dyalog Ltd. He is one of the newest additions to Team Dyalog and we couldn’t be more excited for his future here. We were able to pry him away from the interpreter to catch up with him and see what his time has been like so far.

Peter joined Team Dyalog after studying at Aalborg University, where he received his Bachelor’s degree in computer science. APL made an impression on him when he heard about it in 2021; he found it fresh and pleasantly new. APL (and Dyalog APL) were different from other programming languages he had dealt with.

Most days Peter is deeply involved with Dyalog’s interpreter; he improves it by implementing cool new features and fixing any annoying bugs. Peter really enjoys the affable and cooperative culture here at Dyalog Ltd, “It is a very friendly crowd, and everyone is willing to help me with whatever issue comes up.” He also enjoys his role in the development team. He finds it challenging and fulfilling to work on issues that require him to look at and understand a part of code that he hasn’t seen before…it’s like solving a puzzle for him, and when things start to ‘click’ he gets really motivated because he knows, “that the system is becoming more and more robust with every bug fix.” Peter’s role requires a lot of critical thinking, “I think the most important skill is to be able to navigate and make sense of old code on your own.”

When he’s not improving the heart of Dyalog, you can find Peter spending his time outside! (I know, shocking for a programmer!) He enjoys scenic walks in the picturesque nature local to him in Denmark, which is a huge juxtaposition from staring at screens for a living.

Peter is a great addition to the team, and we wish him all the best on his one-year anniversary at Dyalog Ltd.