Postcard from Dyalog ’14 – Sunday

Today at Dyalog ’14 was a day of Technical Workshops: six half-day sessions and one all-day session were held, and there will be more at the end of the user meeting on Thursday.

JD's Introduction to DWA workshop

JD’s Introduction to DWA workshop

This evening Gitte will informally welcome the attendees before Vibeke introduces the scavenger hunt and Karen and Jason run a traditional English pub quiz so that delegates can get to know each other and the host country a bit more.

Getting Involved

This year we plan to keep you more up to date than ever before with what is happening at the user meeting. Programme updates and supporting materials will be made available on our website. There will be blog posts each day and we are using the Twitter hashtag #dyalog14 on our tweets – we encourage everyone to join in with us whether in Eastbourne or not.


For Team Dyalog, the start of the user meeting is the culmination of preparations spanning weeks or even months. There have been some obstacles along the way – not least the fire on the pier, which meant a replacement banquet dinner venue had to be hastily found – but the presentations are ready and everything kicks off in the morning. We are looking forward to a busy but enjoyable week!

Jason repairing fire damaged robots

Jason repairing fire damaged robots *



Setting up the conference room

Setting up the conference room

No one is saying what these are for

No one is saying what these are for

* See this blog post


Dyalog ’14 formally begins tomorrow. We expect a busy day commencing with registration and followed by ten presentations in total, starting with a formal welcome from Gitte. As has become the custom, there will be a mixture of presentations from Dyalog Ltd, guests and invited speakers throughout the week. Monday traditionally features Dyalog presentations and this year is no exception – but we will also have Charles Bremner and Heikki Tikanmäki talking about forensic DNA analysis and pension modelling respectively. Two years ago, by popular request, we abandoned the practice of running presentations in parallel (extending the programme by a day to allow this) and all of the presentations will run sequentially again this year.

There are planned evening activities for each of the conference nights. After dinner tomorrow, John Scholes will present his observations on the subject of “distractions” – those who have attended his evening presentations before will know they can be highly entertaining!